Posted on 13 February 2012 by Bowlegs

Sun Glitters Interview

Sun Glitters is Luxembourg’s Victor Ferreira, and he’s been steadily causing a bit of a buzz in the glitchy dance parade. And with he’s finest work to date about to be released, the excellent High EP, it looks like 2012 is gonna get a bit giddy for the electronic producer. Bowlegs knew it was the right time to catch up with Mr Ferreira and talk Boards of Canada, loops and the rest of the year.

Bowlegs: We’ve had a steady stream of EPs, singles and an album over the last 12 months or so – do you notice a progression when listening back to the Sun Glitters story so far?

SG: Yes sure. I learned a lot after performing many shows last year and by making numerous remixes. I can hear my music subtly developing from the influences I’ve had during this time, and then there’s also a progression that comes naturally.

Bowlegs: You mention Boards of Canada as an influence – what aspects of their music do you admire or take on board?

SG: Their tracks are so simple but magical! Their melodies are especially great.

Bowlegs: How long might you spend building a new beat for a track? Is that the first stage of writing a new song, or do you get a riff and build from that?

SG: Most of the time I start with a melody or loop, which will often be the main sound of the track and then comes the beat. The bass-line is usually the last part to implement. I honestly can’t tell you exactly how long I might spend on building a beat. Sometimes I might change the beat during the recording process. I sometimes re-use a beat that I might have previously created. I would, then, remodel this beat in a completely new way.

Sun Glitters – It Takes Me

Bowlegs: You have an effective theme in all your artwork so far – who came up with that?

SG: I fell in love with the art of Li Hui. Influenced by his work, I started to shoot my daughter with my iPhone first, and tried to get a similar mood. Then, adding my own personal touches to create the aesthetic I have now.

Bowlegs: Is Sun Glitters a full time affair or is there still work to be done in-between?

SG: Yes, I will leave my job as a graphic designer and will try to make my way with music. I will also continue to make some graphic design work on the side, to help with those months when money is short.

Bowlegs: Has there been an electronic album over the last 12 months that has blown your mind?

SG: Burial’s Street Halo, Balam Acab’s Wander Wonder, Clams Casino’s Instrumental Mixtape and Holy Other’s With U are all cemented in my mind. They were also the most played albums by me in 2011.

Bowlegs: Is there a story to the songs you write, inspiration from life events?

SG: All my works are sourced of inspiration from my everyday life. Inspirations from particular moments or stories.

Bowlegs: Where does the new EP fit in with the music so far?

SG: The new EP is an extension of my previous work. Music/is/for/losers were interested in releasing High as the first release on their new label. The additional remixes by MMOTHS, Sumsun and Jewellers helps to bring a new edge to my individual sound.

Bowlegs: What’s the plan for 2012: tours, new album?

SG: I plan on playing more shows for sure. I will hopefully tour the UK again later this year. I’m still writing new songs for a new album and I will hopefully sign to a label that will support my work.

Head here to get the High EP