Vinyl Williams: Lemniscate

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Bowlegs

Vinyl Williams

Lionel Williams is Vinyl Williams, he’s 22 years old, resides in LA – and has just put down a debut absolutely drenched with spiralling originality. His swamped guitars layer the tracks – reverberating, meditating – opening up to wide angles of glorious gaze. His opaque melodies swim in a record built with texture and deep thought.

It’s Williams’ ability to find psychedelic voids of sound somewhere between the motorik and the distorted echos of time. Lead single, Higher Worlds, works such ideals to perfection – the rhythm runs in line with short guitar notes – both are eaten up with the ensuing wave of fuzzed ambiance. Object of the Source delves deeper into the hypnotic side of Williams’ leftfield approach – his vocal alternating between a falsetto and a more ominous and deeper tone.

As a set it progresses like a stream of half-conscious pop – a hallucinatory daydream if you will. Thankfully the melodic hooks ensure we remain grounded – keeping the perimeters vaguely in check. Where we go from here remains unclear – which is exactly as Williams planned it.

-Marnie Reed-


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