Rainer Veil: Struck

Posted on 12 February 2013 by Bowlegs

Rainer VEil

The Modern Love label’s latest release is Manchester’s Liam Morley and Dan Valentine, aka Rainer Veil. The duo waste little time in drawing us in – utilising the dark corners of Techno, blurring the lines with the ambience of drone and maintaining a pulse with trails of House and Dance. It opens with the title track, a heart attack rhythm and polluted atmosphere – yet the ethereal and yearning synths beneath the industrial breakdown creates a stunning juxtaposition of sound and sensory reaction.

Throughout the 5 tracks on offer here the music mutates into various guises, Wade In feels like an echo of lost spirits within the modern wave of R&B and two-step, while Yield ventures further into desolation row.

It’s rare to find such human fragility within the run of digits and wiring that construct electronic music – yet that is exactly what Rainer Veil have done on Struck. Their debut for Modern Love is quite simply stunning – and we want more.

-Sophia Ward-


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