Milagres – Glowing Mouth

Posted on 16 September 2011 by Bowlegs

Milagres - Glowing Mouth - Music Review

Glowing Mouth is the debut album from Milagres, a Brooklyn based project previously self releasing as The Secret Life of Sofia. This ambient indie album includes psychedelic and baroque-pop influence, which have blended pretty well with the ambient-customary reverb soaked synths and vocals.

There are some effective baroque-pop moments to be found – the mysterious flutes in title track Glowing Mouth work well and there is a sense of weight added by the military drums and English folk influenced vocal harmonies. The lazy vocal style is somewhat reminiscent of Coldplays’ Chris Martin, although Milagres’ lead singer Kyle Wilson’s falsetto is sweet and fitting to the other-worldy mood of the album. His lower vocal register sounds rich and authoritative, especially in ‘Fright of Thee’ – we wish there was more of it. Yet it is when the baroque vibe is taken to its creepiest that the albums works best. Check out the ominous chanting and violin stabs in ‘Moon on the Sea’s gate.’

The band have one vision which is working for them – but we’re unsure if it’s doing it for us here at Bowlegs. Feeling over-arranged at times, there are sections in every song that really pull us in (we love the moody chorus on ‘Gentle Beast’) only to be left confused by the next transition. ‘Here to Stay’ has got good energy and a driving groove, but the psychedelic styled lyrics seem contrived and pointedly surreal. There is a similar feeling from the super-weird key changes and accidentals, reminding us of 60′s band Love – but too much focus is brought to them.

The lyrical style can bemuse – and you may be unsure how seriously to take a band with a song about the ‘Emperor of Ice Cream’. But we can’t say that the album hasn’t interested us – we’ll just wait and see what they put out next.

-Megan Clifton-


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