Mazes: Ores & Minerals

Posted on 12 February 2013 by Bowlegs


They are gentlemen of the creative hook that have closely studied the craft of Field Music and Pavement. Departing from their own special brand of alternative, garage pop, Mazes venture into a more refined territory that has them dabbling with jam band and psychedelic elements. Their willingness to shed their garage pop shagginess demonstrates an unparalleled determination in dissecting their own ore & minerals.

Their nerves are clam and less erratic this time around. Mazes let their songs breathe and crawl around looking for a way out. Although some heavy hitting standouts like Dan Higgs Particle and Skulking display the droned out bravado stomp they are capable of, Leominster & Significant Bullet give us both a recollection of influences that have come to shape the band and instrumental glimpses into what is yet to come.

This record is a testament to reinvention and the ambition to surpass the herds of Peter Pans that plague the broad and saturated indie rock genre. It boldly illustrates that period when you go from talking about life-changing road trips to actually going on life-changing road trips. Mazes are snaking their way through mental labyrinths “looking out for a life…more visceral”.

-Christopher Perez-


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