Lymbyc Systym: Symbolyst

Posted on 21 September 2012 by Bowlegs

Lymbyc Systym

With so many electronic outfits saturating the music scene, it’s refreshing to hear an instrumental album that doesn’t simply take cues from the current trends. On Symbolyst, Lymbyc Systym manage to exude melody without sacrificing originality.

While the record appropriates many styles, it maintains an electro/pop/rock feel. By mixing and layering an array of sounds, Michael and Jared Bell create rich melodies that are simultaneously captivating and exposed.  Some of these tracks are so catchy they seem to belong with lyrics.  Nightfall is a perfect example.  It kicks off with a samba beat, before evolving within the lines of multiple melodies.  When it arrives at its first chorus it’s immediate and relatable, reminiscent of a romantic late 90s pop rock hit.

Falling Together, is an astounding success.  One characteristic emblematic of the record is a break that leaves the higher, sharper melodies exposed.  On this track it’s done artfully, creating a beautiful juxtaposition between the groveling bass and the piano solo.  The arpeggios in Falling Together build fantastically and as the track culminates they demand an emotional reaction.  On Eyes Forward the mood evolves, almost into a happy nostalgia.  Here the strings are dazzling and the thoughtful composition undeniable.

The Bells Brothers’ sonic themes are clear- strings, arpeggios, excellent percussion, and the contrast of dark and light.  Their intention is even clearer, reaching for their acme in the minutest details.  Symbolyst recovers the beauty of simplicity and leaves the listener satiated and intrigued.

-Rick Marcello-


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