Lumerians: The High Frontier

Posted on 13 June 2013 by Bowlegs


Oakland’s Lumerians don’t do structure, boundaries and expectation – they like letting their explorative soundscapes wander or run in any given direction. Two minutes into the title track the rhythmic backbone trades patterns on a heartbeat – it lets the guitars now rumble forth like an electric storm before reforming to its original DNA.

This is the continual adventure into audio outer-space, and for that matter, the Lumerians’ headspace. Psychedelic trails lace most of the tracks – Koman Tong is an acid trip with a fuzzy smile whilst Dogon Genesis is a motorik drive that never really reveals where it might be heading. Vocals do appear intermittently amidst the group’s time-stretching passages – The Bloom features more than most – a translucent human tone that creates yet another dimension to the bands ever-expanding universe.

Life Without Skin closes the record at its most experimental – switching between tight Krautrock beats to swirling keyboard lines that do indeed feel like the soundtrack for Sci Fi re-runs.

Without bands like Lumerians around things might start to become a little two dimensional. Onwards and upwards Lumerians – onwards and upwards.

-Charlie Holt-


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