Landshapes: Rambuten

Posted on 12 June 2013 by Bowlegs


Leaning to the left of gothic indie noir, Landshapes are a surprisingly interesting proposition. Imagine watching dark seas swell at the end of summer, or a chill thread in the air despite the sun on your face. Landshapes’ articulate that moment you realise something perfect is on the turn.

In Limbo sets up an unsettling feeling of stasis whilst tearing away at propulsive momentum. A fetid, cooped-up sensibility finds its way into the swooning Threads and Detour. And Insomniacs Club and LJ Jones experiment with a more Raincoats-y percussive approach, with each turn of those arrangements unexpected and flighty.

You could be perturbed by the strength of the vocals – but listen to what’s going on beneath, in the twisted tension between the amps and the reflections off the studio walls – we could have here the beginnings of a peculiarly English take on what Throwing Muses were trying to achieve on their first two albums.

-Julian Tardo-


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