La Big Vic: Cold War

Posted on 31 January 2013 by Bowlegs

La Big Vic

La Big Vic have crafted one of the most interesting identity crises of the year. Cold War has the Krautrock revivalist gnashing their teeth and sinking them into into the jugular of Avant-Garde pop with their clear and concise arrangements.

Deliberate flat notes notes radiate from the gut of classically trained vocalist Emilie Friedlander. She has taken the warm, rich body of Nico’s voice and added range and confidence. If being a strong vocalist and front-woman weren’t enough, this indie siren wields a violin that is the superlative companion to Peter Pearson’s synthesizer tickle. Each member possesses a deep well of tones and musical experiences. They can vigorously building up a sonic monolith, but their communal focus has given them enough discipline to to carve and chisel a well thought out idea.

It is said that negative belief is the primary obstacle to achievement. With hope and mature musicianship, La Big Vic has hurdled that obstacle by challenging themselves and audiences alike. They set themselves apart from the pack with a sweet sincerity that stems from a need to have fun and enjoy the compositions. They are an accessible Krautrock act that will not alienate the most marginal of listeners.

-Christopher Perez-


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