Hookworms: Pearl Mystic

Posted on 11 March 2013 by Bowlegs


Hookworms are part of a new breed of psychadelia that has been infiltrating the blogosphere in recent years. It draws more kraut and noise-rock sympathies, and with Pearl Mystic the Leeds five-piece establish themselves as potential pioneers of this ever-growing scene.

One thing that makes this debut stand out from its contempories is its darkness. Lyrics of depression, loneliness and rage are a running theme on the record, given all the more potency when accompanied by the furious, relentless squall of reverb-laden guitar. Opener Away Towards lays out the Hookworms manifesto in all its aggressive glory, and a better album opener you’d be hard pressed to come across. Since We Had Changed sees the band at their most esoteric and mind-bending, with vocals hidden behind exotic percussion and eerie organ swirls, whereas Form and Function slowly builds to an erratic frenzy of sound.

Interluding instrumental tracks give Pearl Mystic a classical album structure and demands that you listen to the record in one go – a rewarding experience that confirms Hookworms as one of the most interesting yet riotous British bands currently on the scene.

-Will Moss-


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