Guards: In Guards We Trust

Posted on 30 January 2013 by Bowlegs

Guards album review

It’s jovial, has much good content in terms of lyrics and communicates a good positive vibe over to the listener. A description I conjure is of the combined effect of hearing 80s glam rock like Van Halen and Midnight Oil (anyone remember them? Australian band from before Tame Impala) in one ear and The Go! Team in the other… but maybe with a slightly more, compulsory nostalgic streak to the sound.

Favourites are Coming Home with its Arcade Fire MASSIVE chorus and Your Man with the boy/girl vocals and the sweet promise of her looking after me, she promises she will… that’s what she promises… she say’s ‘no matter what you do’… cool gal. Actually, album closer 1 & 1 is really cool as well. Yeah it’s cool! Big choruses and well thought out structures. Won’t shatter the mould but you’ll dig it anyway.

-Andy Halliday-


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