Evenings: Yore

Posted on 10 April 2013 by Bowlegs


Yore is bedroom-electronica at its most hazy eyed. It’s the sound of stumbling out of a house after a party into the late morning sun, and finding yourself in that swirling fug of a mind-set that is the aftermath.

A collection of tracks from a previous EP and album, Yore is Harlem based Evenings’ first release on the Friends of Friends label, and replaces the lo-fi sound of his previous work with crisp, clean soundscapes whilst retaining the analogue influence.

The likes of Lo-velo ooze the warmth of a whirring cassette reel, a vintage feeling that is characteristic of the album. Chesapeake crackles and pops with vinyl hiss, while 80s beeps and blips allows the track to bounce along with a chilled-out, summery gait. Highlight comes with Goodbye Forever, where a soothing introduction of lapping water eases the aching head, while a soft acoustic guitar sample lulls you into blissful slumber.

Despite being such a slow-paced piece of work, and having no real set of vocals, Yore manages to remain utterly engaging. It puts the listener into an almost hypnotic state, and is a definite candidate for electronic album of the year. Whether hung-over or fully sober, Yore will still manage to put you under its spell.

-William Moss-


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