Coma Cinema: Posthumous Release

Posted on 11 June 2013 by Bowlegs

Coma Cinema

Coma Cinema is the recording project of Mat Cothran, a resident of Spartanburg. America’s 10th most miserable city.

On paper the record’s lyrical themes sound as heavy as their place of provenance (snippets include ‘Your first boyfriend died’ ‘Maybe I’m no good inside’ and ‘Your heart is a monument to a childhood of abuse)…but the delivery of each sweetly honed phrase make Posthumous Release a sensitive, heartening and human experience. Cothran’s prose spans cautionary tales, self-deprecating soliloquies and love; in a fresh fashion.

Tracks are brief but perfectly formed. Most evidently on the two minute reverie of  Lee (Columbine High Harmony). The soothing piano arpeggios and floating horns leave an indelible, emotional impression.

Production is playful, from the psych-folk, chorus swamped Burn a church to the panning refrains of Satan made a Mansion. Though recorded in higher fidelity than previous Coma Cinema releases, Cothran’s latest compositions remain both as eccentric and intimate as their grimy counterparts.

Posthumous Release is an impressive achievement. The record isn’t cohesive as a whole, but it is consistent in quality. It rewards fleeting visits, and the charms of Bailey Jay and Survivor’s Guilt defy exhaustion.

-Joe Burns-


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