Cold Pumas: Persistent Malaise

Posted on 23 October 2012 by Bowlegs


What to do when you’ve been looking at the same view day in day out? Refocus your eyes, pick out minor details, stand on your head, do the boss eyes. That’s pretty much what Cold Pumas are doing with music. True, they may be composed of the same band set up as you’ve seen a million times, but they just sound different.

Shades of Pavement and Sonic Youth are insufficient comparisons, but they give a flavour of the mathy switcheroos, locked in looping and downright heart bursting joy of Cold Pumas melodious racket. Fog Cutter bottles youth, strings out the tension, all eyes locked in on each other. The Modernist Crown smashes its guitar shine against the walls like a china plate. Like Savages and Islet, Cold Pumas show that forgetting the tropes of a previous generation is all that’s needed. Not attitude, not words, not looks. Just a giant step forward.

-Julian Tardo-


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